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I was born in Crownpoint, NM. As a child, I spent many hours listening to a battery powered radio. The first song I recall was "Freight Train Freight Train Go So Fast" on KGAK radio in Gallup, NM. I was encouraged to sing by my mother, and on cold winter nights I would sing to my family's request. I recall feeling sad when my voice changed at 11 years of age. I continued to singing in church and school. In 1962, I went to live with Mr. and Mrs. Melvin A. Cook in Torrey, Utah.

In 1967, my Scoutmaster, LaVoy Tolbert, began teaching me how to play the guitar. That same year, he bought me a hand-picked guitar, which I worked off doing odd jobs at his business. With his patient assistance I learned quickly and auditioned for the high school's traveling talent show which visited other schools in our district. The response was postitive, and I began writing my first songs as a sophomore.

In 1969, I graduated from Wayne High School in Bicknell, Utah, and joined the Marines and became a "Hollywood Marine", slang for recruits trained at the infamous M.C.R.D. (Marine Corps Recruit Depot)  BOOT CAMP in San Diego. During the next two years I served in Camp Pendleton, Memphis Naval Air Station, Cherry Point North Carolina, Santa Anna Helicopter Base, and Kaneohe Marine Corps Air Station, Ohahu, Hawaii.

While in Hawaii, I met a B.Y.U. HAWAII student named Mariddie Ann Johnson. Our friendship grew over the next five years via letters and occasional visits, and we got married in spring of 1975. We have three sons, Dustinn, Nephi, and Shiloh. Our home is in Whiskey Flats, Arizona.

Perhaps no other event in my life has been more influential than meeting Mariddie. This strong-willed woman of the White Mountain Apache Tribe, has been the majority of my inspiration for the songs, poetry, and things I have created. Her community is nestled in the beautiful White Mountain range in central eastern Arizona.  I married into a ready-made family for she was raising her preteen brother and sister, Berlinda and Duwayne. We raised them along with our three sons till they graduated from high school

Our first musical recording "Navajo Code-Talker" was produced by The Heard Museum in 1982. Along with our recording projects, we managed to work full-time and attend Arizona State University. Although life presents obstacles which seem impossible, with the love and encouragement of my wife and sons, I now embrace the most cherished gift I ever recieved...sobriety. We wish to thank those fans who have supported us throughout our journeys.

- Vincent Craig and Family

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