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Vincent Craig
Singer-Songwriter • Motivational Speaker • Humorist and Cartoonist
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With a total investment of $139, a home recording studio we began Vol. 1 in 1986. With only strong family encouragement, our family label became a reality. By 1988, with "RITA", a humorous song in Vol. 1 receiving good radio airtime, the way was paved for our second humorous song, "CHIZZIE" in Vol. II. It was obvious to our family that humor about Indian lifestyles was a hit with the public. Using a $3.98 ninety-minute cassette tape and the Many Farms High School Studentbody, we recorded Vol. III, Boarding School Fish Stories. A heart felt thanks to the students and faculty.

We presently make our home on the WHite Mountain Apache Nation at Whiskey Flats, Arizona. This site is dedicated to our parents, their willingness to provide a better lifestyle for their children. To my Grandfathers, Robert C. Etcitty, Phillip Mariano, and Joseph C. Ivins we give our eternal gratitude.

** Vincent, Mariddie, Dustinn, Nephi, and Shiloh Craig.**

Vincent Craig's Volume Six Invitation

Friends: Be the first one on your block or rez to own our new CD release entitled "HER LAND". If you would like to place an order, send a $20 money order, payable to Vincent Craig.

The cost of the CD is $15.00 and the $5.00 is for postage packaging and handling. NOTE: The $5.00 postage/handling fee will cover an order of two(2) CDs. Additional CDs will require additional postage of $1.50 per CD.

Send money orders to:
P.O.Box 1648,
Whiteriver AZ 85941.

As soon as we get your money order, we will expedite your order to you.

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Cowboyz N' Stuff
Volume 4
Guitar, harmonica, vocals by Vincent Craig. Keyboard by Nephi Craig. Recorded in 1997.
Cassette Tape
Yer' Jus' Somehow
Volume 5
Recorded LIVE September 98' at San Juan College. Dedicated to Edwin's Family. We miss her laughter also.
Cassette Tape
Volumes 1-3
Best of Volumes 1, 2, & 3. Recorded at Cereus Recording, Tempe, AZ.
Compact Disc

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